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REVIEW of Health 43
Energy Drinks - Who Needs Them?
they could be doing more harm than good

Well - who does need them? They are acceptable for those engaged in activities that actually burn large amounts of energy over a short period. Athletes and manual workers doing jobs that are strenuous do benefit from these kinds of drinks because there are certain things like sodium and electrolytes that need replacing to maintain good health. Sugar, of course, is an energy booster; and in moderate quantities it will be burned off by exercise. Then there is caffeine, a known stimulant that can increase performance and aid concentration. This is probably fine for people putting their bodies under pressure during their normal routines; but for the majority, even a 30-minute daily walk doesn't fit the profile.

The problem is the taste which is quite pleasant; and energy drinks can give anyone who consumes them an almost instant boost. Unfortunately, the ingredients are absorbed into the body in a slow-release manner, so the full effects aren't felt immediately; and, of course, after a period of time the stimulants wear off and the blood sugar levels drop. This produces an adverse reaction causing tiredness and low energy. The solution is simple - slug another can; and if this practice continues, before long the drinker becomes addicted.

The real down side is that kids love these drinks; and parents don't seem to be aware of the harm that they are doing. Aside from leading to obesity and diabetes, they contribute to behavioural problems; then everyone suffers. So, parents and carers; and anyone who drinks this stuff just because it tastes good, have a read of the full article to find out what it's doing to your health.

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