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REVIEW of Health 45
My Budget Rules
home-cooked beats restaurants every time

Dining out is a pleasure once in a while. Meals in a decent restaurant are usually of high standard; as, unfortunately, are the prices. Unless you can do it on the company's expense account, regular visits to a cordon bleu establishment are likely to be few and far between. This, however, doesn't mean you can't experience similar culinary delights, but in your own home.

Recipes are plentiful: in magazines, books, and especially those really old cook-books Granny used. They may be light on some of the modern dishes; but ingredients in those bygone days were generally fresh and unadulterated by additives other than the normal condiments. Don't be put off by the methods which may at first appear rather long-winded, because they did tend to go into detail. You may even learn something from them that you never knew.

Being mindful of costs is important, and this is dependent on when and where you buy. Most supermarkets allot certain days for putting out their specials and mark-downs. As long as the use-by date hasn't expired, there's nothing wrong with them; particularly with meats if they are bagged and frozen as soon as you get them home. Then there'll be a stock of ingredients enabling you to knock up a right royal banquet whenever it takes your fancy.

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