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REVIEW of Health 46
Hear Today - Gone tomorrow!
damage to hearing can start at an early age

Hearing is one of those senses that most take for granted. There are, of course, some who are born with a hearing deficiency; whereas the hearing of others can be affected later in life. This can occur anytime and usually over a period; often by being exposed to loud noises on a regular basis. Should this be work-related, there are probably rules and regulations to guard against hearing loss such as ear-muffs. Even then, you may notice a tradesman using a jack-hammer or a brick saw, wearing protective ear-muffs, trailing from which are thin electrical wires connected to a pocket music player. Guaranteed, the volume of this tiny piece of equipment will be turned up to a deafening level maybe greater than the noise from the tools they are using.

Here are adults that clearly don't care that the music they are listening to is sending them slowly but surely deaf. They play it in the car too, so loud that it can be heard by others in the street; then they arrive home, put on the hi-fi and crank that up to unnecessary proportions. Or is it unnecessary? Set to an ordinary, comfortable volume level they can't appreciate what they are hearing because they are already partially deaf; and it is self-inflicted. Imagine how children might suffer by being exposed to constant loud noises of a similar nature. Their understanding of normal speech will be hampered, perhaps severely; and as a consequence so too their education. The warning to parents and carers should be obvious - sending yourself deaf is your choice; but don't condemn your kids to a lifetime of misunderstanding simply because you have made them deaf too!

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