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REVIEW of Health 47
Frozen Shoulder
remedial and preventative exercises for frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is an unpleasant injury that can be an on-going discomfort; and it is generally hard to fix. Because the problem is deep within the joint, liniments and creams are unable to penetrate into the rotator cup and are rarely successful. Pain-killers can ease the problem for a while, and a doctor might prescribe a steroid injection directly into the joint; but both of these are only a temporary fix, not a cure. In severe cases an operation may be recommended; but for most, a set of remedial exercises performed regularly over a period can eventually provide a more natural solution.

The full article lists a number of exercises that seem to do the trick - they certainly did for me - and I continue to do mine daily since I first experienced a frozen shoulder some years ago. Thankfully, I no longer have a problem. The exercises are simple, require no special expensive equipment, and can be performed in the home. They are also illustrated, making them easier to understand. Anyone with a frozen shoulder may like to take a look; but always remember that a medical practitioner should be consulted first before embarking on any exercise program.

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