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REVIEW of Health 48
Flu Vaccinations - Why and When?
In Australia, the 2019 influenza virus has proved to be a killer!

Influenza is a debilitating illness that can affect anyone, from young to old. Both of these demographics can be very vulnerable and the consequences of either contracting flu can even prove fatal. There is no cure, neither for the common cold, because both infections are transmitted by viruses. These bugs are different to bacteria in that antibiotics are of no use as a treatment - they simply don't work. The patient has to rely on the mechanisms of the body to take care of the problem in its own sweet time.

Although there is no cure for influenza, there is a preventative which guards against the disease. Vaccinations are available and should be administered at a time appropriate to the approaching flu season. This always used to be in autumn to early winter; however, getting the jab too soon can mean that the vaccine is beginning to wear off while infections are still rife. Too late, of course, really speaks for itself.

One nasty habit of viruses is that they mutate; in other words, once a current variety has done the damage, it is quite likely to change its structure to a different, more potent one. Medical researchers are aware of this and produce vaccines to cope with the latest, most damaging types; but because of the mutation process, available preventatives are being constantly updated. So, everyone can be protected as long as they get the jab. Read more about it and reasons for its spread in the full article.

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