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Handy Hints and useful tips for Cleaning around the home

Cleaning the Electric Bench-top Griller
electric grill

  They are handy additions to the kitchen and those that are designed to drain the fat are clearly a healthy alternative to pan frying; but over time the non-stick surfaces can become infused with stains that are difficult to remove. Here's one way to resolve the problem without damaging the coating.
  After use, allow the grill to cool; then moisten a double layer of paper kitchen towel with plain water and place on the cooking plate. Close the lid and leave overnight. You can see from the picture how much staining has been lifted without having to scrape or scrub. Now it's just a matter of wiping both the plate and the lid with a damp cloth or sponge.

Keeping the home healthy
  When it comes to cleaning, dirt and spills are usually visible and obvious, but bacteria isn't. Germs are in the air, on your hands, and everything that comes into contact with anything else. Regularly clean and disinfect work surfaces, door knobs and handles, whatever might be touched in the course of a normal day.
  A solution of water and a good disinfectant will do the job. Mix up some according to the manufacturer's instructions in an old dishwashing-liquid bottle with a squirt-type cap. Squirt some on the surface, or straight onto a cloth, then wipe over. Now leave it on to dry naturally. This gives the disinfectant chance to do its job.

Use soap BEFORE you get dirty!
  Whether working in the garden, general cleaning around the house or doing stuff on the car and in the garage, dirt and grease can get under the fingernails and be the devil's own job to remove. Before tackling any of this dirty work, rake your fingernails over a bar of soap to fill the gaps. After the job, clean hands in the usual way, then scrub out the soap with a brush.

Cleaning Grease Stains
  To remove grease-stains from material, work in a small amount of polyunsaturated margarine, then wash out with soap and water. Use the same method for removing grease from hands. Apply some hand cream or lotion afterwards to replenish skin moisture.

Cleaning crevices and corners
  When doing the cleaning, it isn't easy getting into those hard-to-reach spots like the corners of window and door tracks. Even a damp cloth or sponge may not suffice. Pop into your bargain store and buy yourself a pack of cheap artist brushes, the flat kind with stiff bristles. Then use the appropriate size to brush out the dry dirt before wiping or vacuuming up.

Cleaning the Toaster
  We all know what it's like when the toaster belches smoke. Some of the time it happens because the setting is too high for whatever we've put in it; but occasionally crumbs and bits of bread from previous insertions left in the appliance can get cooked to the point of smoking or bursting into flames. Not only does this stink out the entire home, but it is also presents a fire hazard.
  Many toasters have a removable crumb tray underneath which is easy to take out and empty. To make doubly sure, unplug the toaster and have a squizz inside. If it looks like there might be stuff caught in or on the elements, turn it upside down over the sink, then give it a shake and a few gentle slaps with the hand. With luck, this will dislodge left-over particles. If not, it may be possible to hook them out with a plastic knife. But be warned - don't poke anything in the toaster unless it is unplugged; and never use a metal implement - it could damage the element, then you'll be up for a new unit!
  After cleaning, should your toaster continue to smoke, it might be a good idea to adjust the heat setting from charcoal to just right, don't you think?

Removing Label Gum
  Labels often leave gum residue on a surface. Rub gently with a soft cloth moistened with Mineral Turps, turning the cloth frequently as the gum is taken up. Clean off the turps with a little household detergent or bar soap and water. Dry with a soft cloth.
  Remember to test the turps on an inconspicuous area first to avoid damage to the surface you intend to clean. If Mineral Turps is not available, kerosene or lamp oil are good alternatives.
Avoid contaminating food-preparation areas and utensils, and dispose of the cloth in the outside garbage can - left indoors the smell will invade not only the bin, but the entire room.

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