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Aloe Vera plant in pot

Doc in a Pot
  A succulent which stores water and nutrients in its thick, spiky leaves, Aloe Vera is a plant with many diverse uses. Claimed to be gentle on the skin, its extract can be found in a variety of cosmetic and beauty treatments, soaps and shampoos, creams and lotions, as well as facial tissues.
  But perhaps its most amazing feature is in the treatment of minor burns, scalds and scratches. A section of leaf can be cut straight from the plant, ideally one of those 20 cm or longer, then sliced open carefully with a sharp knife. By peeling back the outer skin, the clear juice that exudes can be dabbed directly onto the affected area. This not only cools and reduces stinging, but the residue dries quickly to form an antiseptic film over the wound which guards against airborn bacteria likely to cause infection. Further frequent applications can continue to be made until the discomfort subsides.
  Propogated from pups, the new baby plants shooting from the main root base, Aloe Vera grows readily in temperate climates, but it doesn't like either blazing sun or frost. Fortunately, it survives very well in a pot and as long as it gets some exposure to fresh air on a reasonably regular basis when it isn't too cold outside, Aloe Vera will do quite nicely indoors.

It should be remembered that the above treatment applies only to MINOR injuries. Those of a more serious nature should be referred immediately to a medical practitioner or the closest hospital emergency department.

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