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The World in Lockdown

For once in our history we are all joined in battling a common enemy; and very few of us are able to continue in the lifestyle we have become accustomed to. For this reason, A Season of Happiness will be trying to help our visitors retain a sense of normality.

Unless thought necessary at any given time, on this website at least, coronavirus will have to take a back seat. We won't be banging on about the latest developments - frequent news bulletins are keeping everyone informed. Rather, our monthly uploads will carry on much the same as before, almost as if nothing has happened.

It may seem strange to see articles about normality when everything is so topsy-turvy; but they are intended as a reminder of those ordinary situations we will eventually be experiencing again; no doubt gladly so. The Moonberry Pie stories for kids will keep coming; and as everyone has to eat, so will the recipes. It may not be easy to keep smiling, but please try.

All of you around the World are our cousins and our friends. We wish you a safe deliverance from these troubled times, and invite you to keep coming to A Season of Happiness for a glimmer of sunshine during the darkness.

Rest assured, the human race will survive; and you will be there to enjoy that wonderful day.

We look forward to your visits over the coming months. In the meantime, maybe take a look at what's on offer below; and please stay safe.

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