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REVIEW of Money 32
Property Investment
from single units to larger property developments

Needless to say, any financial investment is about money: having sufficient available to complete the deal with enough spare to cover contingencies, and some. The full article covers a number of different scenarios from buying an existing property to building a new one. Whether the intention is to live in it, sell on, or rent it out, prior research should be conducted to ensure that the purchase is both desirable and viable.

Naturally, the state of the structure will reflect the price, so too the location. The area as it appears could seem fine; until any proposed changes, particularly by local or government authorities, eventually change things. Redevelopment of a locality on small and large scales can impact on future desirability; turning what might have been a pleasant, quiet neighbourhood into a busy, noisy one. From the business angle, thought should be given to the type of intended activity and whether there are likely to be restrictions already in place, or under consideration. Also, how might profits be affected if nearby main roads are re-routed (remember Bates' Motel)? So, predicting the future is essential before jumping in.

Often, the idea is to buy an existing property in need of repair or renovation, in which case one might imagine that the purchase price ought to be relatively low. The cost of the make-over, of course, has to be factored in; however, there may be more required than just a paint job and the replacement of a few wall tiles. If there are major structural defects that are not immediately obvious, the reality will come back to bite later. That means more expense that may turn what initially seemed a good buy into a financial disaster.

Anyone new to the game will benefit from a read of the article, preferably before taking the plunge.

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