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REVIEW of Money 35
Staying Ahead of Inflation
How to make ends meet despite rising prices

People in general are often struggling to make ends meet. When income is fixed but inflation is ever on the rise, the only way to cope financially is to stick to a very tight budget. Only buy what is necessary at the time, and write out a list of requirements before going to the store. These are what you need, and nothing else! Do keep an eye out for specials and mark-downs; but watch those use-by dates. Also, don't overdo it with fresh food that you can't freeze. If it starts to go off and has to be thrown away, that's money wasted.

There are many ways to economise. Buying take-aways might seem cheap, but compared to home-cooked meals they are more expensive in the long run, and are definitely not the healthy option. Cars are essential for most, and they can be money-eaters. Trying to save by delaying regular servicing and necessary repairs will eventually come back to bite. As for fuel, don't let the tank drop below a quarter before shopping around for the cheapest in your area.

In the full article which is really an extended check list, there are many suggestions to help you spin your income further; so have a read to find out how to stay ahead of inflation.

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