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REVIEW of Money 36
The Taxman Cometh
how much tax do you really pay?

Tax is necessary. Without it no modern country could survive. Governments know this and take steps to balance the budget. Fair enough, or is it? To begin with there is generally a tax on income, so whatever is earned from working hard isn't all take-home pay. Depending on salary, an individual may lose 23% or more before the remainder is in their pocket. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Whatever they spend that on is most likely taxed in some way.

There are supposedly certain items a person might have to buy that are claimed to be tax free; medicines and fresh food for example. Well, maybe they are; but only in essence. To get those pills on the shelf and the vegies into the store, someone has to make or grow them, then have them transported to market. This involves a number of stages, each employing people who are paid for their work; and as inflation continues to rise, they need more money to balance their own budgets. So the employer reluctantly gives them a raise, then passes on the extra cost by increasing the price of goods. Add to this freight costs, vehicle maintenance, fuel and drivers' wages, all taxed in their own right along the way; by the time the goods are delivered, the prices have had to be bumped up to compensate for the shortfall.

We have no option but to pay tax on pretty much everything, usually many times over. At the end of the day, very little of that wage packet is spent on actual product; most of it pouring into government coffers. Value for money truly is a joke; but being taxed up to the eyeballs is no laughing matter, so you'd best not think about it or you'll go nuts. And if you want to buy some of them and they are the processed sort that come in a packet, guess what...?

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