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REVIEW of Money 37
Save Receipts and Proof of Purchase

When purchasing an item, especially an expensive one that carries a warranty, you are generally advised to keep the receipt in case whatever it is later proves to be faulty. With cheaper goods, who bothers to hang onto the dockets? I know we don't; at least we didn't until a couple of times we came unstuck. Trying to get the store management to accept a return without proof-of-purchase was both frustrating and costly, because they weren't legally obliged to honour our claim and refused point blank.

Work on the car, and home repairs and renovations fall into the same category. Trades people are bound by laws that protect customers against poor workmanship and the use of sub-standard or faulty materials. Before allowing work to begin, make sure you and whoever will be doing the job have a clear understanding of terms and price; then get a receipt for any money handed over; whether it be an initial deposit; or the full amount after the work is completed. If you don't and you have cause to complain when something goes wrong down the track, you won't have a legal leg to stand on.

This is only a short article, and a very worthwhile one that could help save you big bucks.

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