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REVIEW of Money 38
Check Your Travel Insurance
you may not be as fully covered as you think

We generally consider taking out insurance for the car, house and contents; but when it comes to travelling the matter doesn't always seem to be a priority. After all, what could go wrong? We are always careful, mindful of possible eventualities, and they are catered for. Should an accident or sudden illness occur while holidaying at home, there's usually a doctor or hospital close; and, of course, we have our standard health insurance. But a trip overseas can be a whole new ball game.

Other countries do things differently and insurance to cover problems is essential. The main thing to be wary of is the fine print on any policies taken out. Are you planning to hire a car or motor scooter; and what might happen if you are involved in an accident? Can you be sure injuries to yourself or others are catered for? If not, you could be up for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in compensation and legal fees; not to mention medical and hospital charges. And bear in mind the facilities available in some foreign countries tend to fall below those taken for granted in your home country.

Another issue to be careful of is any limitation in the insurance agreement which may preclude certain pay-outs. For example: people aged over 70 might not be covered; however, the insurance company doesn't always make this clear from the outset. Have a look at the full article for a list of precautions to take before you board that plane or cruise ship. You could save yourself a fortune and a lot of needless stress.

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