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REVIEW of Money 42
Money Motivators
what drives us to want more and more?

The world turns on money and few can survive without it. Most are able to get by on whatever income they have; whereas the battlers will never have sufficient to maintain a comfortable living. All, however, seem to yearn for more. Needless to say, the motivator for those struggling to make ends meet is to earn or acquire that little extra which will keep their heads above water. Others who are doing okay rarely accept adequacy when, in their estimation, they seem to be on a winning streak. By trying a bit harder and managing the finances better can achieve not only that new car or build the long-awaited extension on the back of the house; but it could quite easily provide a healthy cash surplus.

What to do with it, though? It does provide the means to improve living standards and maybe move to a bigger house in a more up-market area. This may require taking out an extra loan; but considering their track-record to date, they are confident the repayments won't damage the budget. Climbing this social ladder is fine for many who count possessions and personal comforts as the sole benchmark; but there are some who see past material gains. The acquisition of actual money is their goal, not just what it can buy; and once on this roller coaster, simply making more and more money becomes their whole life and nothing else matters. What is your true money motivator?

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