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REVIEW of Money 44
Secure Your Valuables
make it hard for thieves and burglars

This article was first published at a time of year when the buying of presents is the preoccupation of families and friends. It is also when thieves can be most active. They watch and wait outside homes to determine when the occupants are usually out so that they can break in unobserved. While on surveillance, they may have seen bags and packages bearing iconic images of stores transported from the car; and these, they rightly assume, contain valuable items that will be easy to sell on.

These lowlifes are also vigilant in the street and around shopping centres, peering through car windows to see whatever has been left in plain sight on seats. It takes them only seconds to smash a window and take whatever the driver was kind enough to leave for them; and they aren't afraid of being seen - they are that brazen. The message here is - don't give them the opportunity. Hide purchases in the trunk; and that applies to any other items of value such as laptops and brief cases.

There are other tips on how to keep your possessions and yourselves safer in your homes; whether you are in residence, or have gone out leaving the place unattended. This isn't a long-winded article, and it is a reminder of some precautions to take that may have been forgotten.

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