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REVIEW of Money 45
The Good Times May Not Last
be prepared for future changes in circumstances

When things are starting to go well it's time to consider making a few improvements. This shouldn't be regarded as unnecessary extravagance: it is merely a just reward for years of going without to ensure the budget can be met. Now that imbalance can be addressed. Having a decent salary that covers normal running expenses with a fair bit left over means trading in the old car on an upgraded model, plus buying a new lounge suite are able to be realised. What might not be considered is the possibility of rainy days ahead.

Will the job last; and what about general health? Occasionally some businesses are forced to downsize; and those employees being let go will find themselves in dire straits if their expenditure suddenly outstrips a reduced income. Perhaps the situation won't be really serious, should the problem be only temporary such as time off with an illness or injury. Then again, it could be worse than that. What then?

There is, of course, insurance; but it may not cover all contingencies; and that's assuming the premiums of these safeguards have been kept up to date. If not, the creek-and-paddle syndrome comes to mind. Before spending that surplus cash, maybe a little forethought might be a good idea?

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