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REVIEW of Money 47
Bill Pay - Staying on Top and on Time
timely management of accounts due saves hassles and money

When the bills come in it's often groan time. Having a workable system in place for taking care of due accounts saves money; and it helps preserve the credit-rating. Unfortunately, not everyone's finances have the capacity to help them stay in the black. No matter how conscientious people try to be, there always seems to be some unexpected costs that pop up and throw the best laid plans into confusion. There are ways, however, to avoid too many payments having to be made during the same period.

Heavy bills such as insurance premiums and car registration can impact severely, especially if they are due in the same month; maybe one like December when there are other expenses chewing up the money. If these occur annually they can usually be paid monthly, quarterly or for the whole year; and opting for the shorter period tends to ease the burden. It is likely to mean a loss of the discount applicable to the annual figure; but paying this way just the once can shift those heavy bills to a different time of year when they will have less impact on the budget. If you are keen to make life less of a hassle, have a look at the full article to see how this can work for you.

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