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Backup - Frequently and Securely
Backup your computer files to save problems later

Businesses do it as a matter of course - at least they should - but home computer users tend to be lax in this regard. It isn't unusual to have problems with the PC or laptop. Maybe they crashed while using them; or, in a worse-case scenario the system could have been hacked. The greatest risk here is losing stored data. That could be home or business accounts, address lists, current work in progress, even precious family photos; but to lose all or any of this can be inconvenient, even devastating. Sometimes the information can be retrieved; sometimes not; but there is a way to guard against the possibility - backup frequently.

The process is simple, merely copying valuable information from the computer to an outside storage device. USB flash drives seem like an option, but personal experience declares that they can be untrustworthy. Copying to CD's or DVD's that have been formatted for the purpose is far safer; however, copying important data onto an external hard drive is even better. Provided the chosen storage devices are kept separate from the computer room means there is less chance of permanent loss. Check out the full article for a more detailed explanation of how to protect the most valuable files on your computer.

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