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Rosie's Beach

girl on a beach

by Kathy Sampson

A serialised Drama/Romance

  The lives of two people from very different backgrounds have been ruled by the sea. The down-trodden wife of a fisherman, Rosie is barely surviving financially in a small coastal town, whereas Paul's occupation as a marine research scientist could be regarded as enviable to many; yet, whereas money is not an issue for him, he is plagued by a lack of confidence in both his profession and life in general. When they are brought together by a tragedy it seems to be love at first sight; and, as an old seafarer is convinced, maybe they are "meant to be"; but before any kind of lasting happiness together can be realised, they must find the courage to overcome a series of adversities that fate has in store for them.

Rosie's Beach is published exclusively on A Season of Happiness. Serialised in eight parts, a new chapter will appear at the beginning of each month in PDF format which can be downloaded FREE.

Here is the story so far:

girl on a beach girl on a beach girl on a beach girl on a beach

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Rosie's Beach
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