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The Old Round House
cottage scene
by Dave Hawkins

A science-fiction fantasy for readers from Nine to Ninety

Have you ever acted out a fantasy; imagined you were James Bond or Luke Skywalker? Terry has, many times. For a young schoolboy, role-playing is far more interesting than boring reality. Mind you, occasionally it does get him into strife; but he usually manages to find solutions to problems of this kind. While acting out yet another make-believe character, he stumbles across an old gazebo in an overgrown garden, and it fits in very nicely with his current scenario. Shortly, however, nice will be taking a back seat.

This fourteen year old is about to discover that even apparent reality is not all that it seems; and here will be one problem which can't be easily fixed. When he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events over which he has no control, Terry is suddenly thrust into an adventure far beyond his wildest dreams.

At times like this when a fantasy of his was starting to get a little too scary, he would just wish everything back to normal; but, for Terry, 'normal' has become a thing of the past. He can't close his eyes and make this one go away; not when so many lives are at risk; not when he is the only person in the entire Universe who has the power to save them!

The Old Round House is a short science-fiction novel that has been adapted for publication on A Season of Happiness. Originally serialised in six parts, individual chapters remain for this month only. The complete ebook is now included. All are in PDF format and can be downloaded FREE.

Here is the complete ebook:

cottage scene

Here are the individual chapters:

cottage scene cottage scene cottage scene cottage scene cottage scene cottage scene

Click the image to view or print in PDF.

The Old Round House © Dave Hawkins 1982/1997
Published by A Season of Happiness © DV & KR Hawkins 2019

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