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REVIEW of Health 44
Young and Thoughtless - Old and Paying For It
early strains and injuries come back to bite later in life

Life's good, especially when you are young. There is so much to do; but there never seems to be enough time, so it's a matter of cramming. Unfortunately, at least as far as physical things, we generally take the easy road: doing whatever it is quickly, and frequently in the wrong way. But the job has to be done, because there's another waiting in the wings; so all of the lifting and turning and twisting and bending just happens minus the necessary care and attention. The results are injuries that may not be noticed until later in life; and by then the damage is probably irreversible.

The advice is out there - how to perform tasks in the correct way that doesn't cause harm; and the lasting kind should really be avoided at all costs. Okay, so it's inconvenient to square off with a heavy object before lifting it. It's much easier and quicker to turn, pick it up, then turn back, often with the feet squarely planted in the same position. And if these sorts of actions are repeated many times over in succession for days and weeks on end, popping the odd pain killer won't fix the injury: it will only mask it. Once it becomes permanent, even the doctors and surgeons might not be able to put it right.

Surely, doing things the right way from the get-go is the way to go - yes?

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