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Think About Road Safety
drivers, cyclists and pedestrians - be mindful of the risks

Road safety is taught from an early age: how to cross the road, being aware of traffic and the possible consequences of not taking care. Unfortunately there are distractions. From a child's point of view it's just another thing to learn; and along with schoolwork is a lesson that often takes second place to more enjoyable pastimes. So, when the ball bounces into the road, the priority is to go get it. The child doesn't consider traffic - that's only an issue if going out with Mum and dad, or to and from school when there are usually crossing guards to remind kids and drivers to do the right thing.

Unfortunately, adults are great at dishing out road-safety advice to the kids; but often they forget it also applies to them. So, at the risk of teaching grandma how to suck eggs, here are some reminders for everyone...




If we all did the right thing on the roads, our emergency services would have more time to attend cases other than those caused by our inattention and occasional stupidity. If I were one of them, I'd be hoping one day to be saying a huge thank you to the general public which, at long last, had come to its senses. With everyone thinking about road safety, really thinking, I mean - it could happen.

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