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A Minute of Inattention - a Lifetime of Regret continued
Children rarely see the dangers - adults always should

Kitchens are a wonder for young children who can see Mum or Dad preparing food; and, of course, they love helping. That's fine as long as they are supervised and are not allowed near hot pans and dishes; and never let them stand on a stool stirring something heating on the stove top. Electrical devices such as mixers and food processors may seem like fun, but they can cause injuries. As for electric carving knives, mincers and meat slicers, these can take little fingers off!

Water and kids do mix, as long as the youngsters are under the watchful eye of a responsible adult, and constantly. All too often we hear of a kiddie drowning in a backyard pool simply because the person supposedly looking after them turned away for just a second, or so they claimed. Splasher pools aren't deep, but it only needs a few inches of water for a small child to drown in. Bath-time should be fun, provided an adult is right there in case the child slips. As for the beach, even if children are playing in a group, they need an adult or two close at hand, just in case.

Never, never forget the fire hazards. Candles may look nice, as do open fires; but leave children alone with them and you are courting disaster!

There are countless more hazards for inquisitive young children. Adults should be mindful of this, never taking it for granted that a simple verbal warning will do the trick. Even if they understand the possible dangers, children forget very quickly; as, I'm afraid, do adults on occasions; and their inattention may prove fatal for a child.

All carers of children need to be vigilant: every minute, every second of time spent with the young. A moment's distraction can prove disastrous; both for the child and for the adult who will regret forever their lapse of attention. Our children are the future, and it is their God-given right to live long enough to enjoy and fulfil a future of their own.

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