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Existing Medical Conditions in the Young
young people may be unaware that they have serious medical conditions

As people age they have to accept that certain ailments crop up which never concerned them in their earlier years. The young, however, tend to breeze through life; not necessarily believing they are bullet-proof - well, not all of them, anyway - but they still seem to adopt a very casual view of their general health. The consequences of physical exertions such as sports or manual labour are taken in their stride. A pulled muscle here, a few minor aches and pains there aren't an issue because they usually go away in a short time. A sharp stab in the leg or chest is a mystery that is often gone as quickly as it came, so is no cause for concern; but it should be. No-one is immune, nor immortal. Just like the car, when something occurs that wasn't there before, it should be checked out to avoid more serious complications down the track. Our bodies are no different.

One awful day, Covid came to call and it changed our lives. In the early stages it was assumed to be a more serious problem for seniors, particularly those who were known to have existing medical conditions. Younger, fitter people, however, somehow managed to dodge the virus; or if they didn't, their suffering was less severe and protracted. The invisible enemy, unfortunately, took to altering its structure as viruses do; mutating to create new strains capable of targeting a wider range of victims. The young were no longer safe.

Then researchers produced vaccinations to combat Coronavirus. The different types caused issues due to the temperatures at which they had to be stored; and AstraZeneca, which could be kept at a higher temperature, became the one of choice and was more readily available to a greater number of people. Everything seemed fine until certain side-effects prompted some governments to actually ban its usage. Blood clotting was one; and although only a few who had received the vaccine presented with this medical condition, it was still considered of major concern. The general consensus of informed opinion was that those affected in this way had pre-existing medical conditions which made them vulnerable. It soon became clear that old people weren't the only ones at risk, when a patient under 40 was diagnosed with blood clots and, as a result, died within a few days.

No doubt the formulae of vaccines will be improved to ensure they are safer, particularly for all; and hopefully the dire consequences of side-effects will be less of a problem in future; but I believe, and more importantly, it highlights the matter of younger people being totally unaware that they may already have undiagnosed medical conditions. Being vaccinated might show these up; but by that time, some underlying problems could prove immediately fatal. Should nothing occur to hint that a person isn't quite as fit as they'd imagined; it doesn't mean they actually are. Surely, everyone would want to know the true facts about their own body?

The solution is quite simple: to prevent contracting Covid and suffering greatly from it, vaccination is essential; but before having it, everyone, including the young, need to see their GP for a thorough physical examination. Unnecessary and too much trouble...? That really depends on the value placed on continuing good health, not to mention life itself. Coronavirus is here to stay; and as with the flu, the wise and vulnerable should accept that an annual jab will eventually be the commonplace safeguard. Although for me there may be a risk, I regard it as a calculated one; and I know what I'll be doing.

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