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That's ASOH for short

I know how intimidating this kind of technology can be for those who have little experience of computing; so here is mini-tutorial which may help dispel some of the initial concerns.

The first step, of course, is to select a website to go to. Obviously, if you are reading this you know how to pay us a visit; and now you are here, may I invite you to have a play. It's quite safe and you can check this out by clicking or tapping on the Privacy link at the foot of our Home Page. The image on the left of the PDF Tutorial is from May 2021; but subsequent ones are very similar. To return to the Home Page where you started, just click or tap on "Home" above the header: "Privacy Statement"; or you can use the left arrow at the very top of the webpage. This is a handy tool which will take you back to the page you came from; and if you keep clicking it will skip you one at a time to all of those pages you have viewed in sequence.

Using the Home Page example, you will see there are both words and pictures. These are links; even those on the top banner. For PC and laptop users, by holding your cursor over a picture or a text link for a second or two, a small message will appear that tells you where you will go if you click. Try it on the "Handy Hints" words on the navigation bar at the top just below the banner: you will get - "Handy Hints & tips for around the home". Click and you will go to the latest Handy Hint, below which is a list of other hints. Move the cursor over any of these and the arrow will change to a hand, as it will do when you are over a link. Also the words often become a different colour with an underline. Just click and you will be taken to that particular category which shows a number of tips. To go back to Home, keep clicking the top left arrow until you are there.

Then again, why not go somewhere else by clicking on one of the pictures at the foot of the page? Try the Internet Tips image and learn about downloading PDF's.

About PDF's

All of our pages can be read while online; but most have also been converted to PDF's. These are usually copies of the web pages; some, however, include extra information in the form of pictures and images. If you have clicked on the Internet Tips picture you will have been taken to the Internet Tips TOC, or Table of Contents. Here you find a list of all the articles on this subject published on ASOH to date. Click on IT 02 Navigating a Website to view an earlier, simplified version of this tutorial. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click on the PDF file link.

Provided you have a PDF reader on your computer, you should now be seeing the PDF page. If not, just Google "Adobe Reader" and download the program - it is safe and free. Once the PDF is on screen, you can read it the same as any web page; and you also have the option of saving it to your computer. Then you can read it at your leisure. It's handy if you can't spare much time on the Internet; especially if staying online for too long worries you.

Let's try something else. While you are in IT Tips, click the top left back arrow 3 times and return to the Home Page. This time, look at the wording under the "Moonberry Pie" flash just below "Budget Saver Recipes". Move the cursor along the first line and pause over "this month's planner". An underline will appear showing which words are the link; and the information panel tells you the Month and Year of a planner. Click on the link to view the planner which is also a PDF that you can save or print; using it to record reminders of events, birthdates, etc on an A4 calendar-style sheet. Needless to say, all of the downloads and PDF's are absolutely FREE when you get them from the ASOH website. One click I highly recommend is at the foot of the coloured panel in the centre of the Home Page. "Your Emergency Check List" is one PDF that no home should be without.

Take time to have a short or long play, skipping through the many articles and stories. Get used to the various buttons and links. Rest assured: wherever you go to on A Season of Happiness you won't get trapped and can always return to Home with a click. Try out some or all of the options on the navigation bars. These are a line or two of words, usually at the top and bottom of the web pages. Display is a worthwhile click, briefly listing everything that's available in a simplified format. Just go to any "Click here" or another link for a TOC of that subject. With quite a few there is more than one page, as you will find by scrolling to the bottom of the list. Under this the options are self-explanatory; and, by now, how to see more should be fairly easy.

I do hope this brief rundown will encourage you to explore other possibilities. The Internet is an amazing tool; and is, in general, safe to use provided a few basic rules are observed. For guidance have a read through the other Internet Tips. Please do, in order to stay safe.

And do please keep coming to ASOH. You are always welcome.

Click this Click for PDF file image to view or print complete article.

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