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REVIEW of Money 39
The Accident-waiting-to-happen Syndrome
genuine accidents are very rare

Considering this is a very important issue, the article I wrote on it might have ended up a long one; but I decided against that, because this is about keeping my readers focussed. How many of you continue to use your mobile phone while driving, even though it is against the law? One time, one day, that moment or two concentrating on something other than what is going on outside of the car may prove disastrous, even fatal. And there is no way the result could be called an accident.

The accident-waiting-to-happen is there constantly - in the home, on the street, in the office or school. Being distracted by something inconsequential, or perhaps a sudden realisation that a bill should have been paid that wasn't; any matters like these can take your mind off what you ought to be focussing on. And when you, or someone, or even something pays the price for your few seconds of inattention, please don't call it an accident; not if you made it happen!

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