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DOs and DON'Ts
make sure to check these off before going on-line

When you're in a rush, it's easy to be complacent. This is a brief review of past Internet Tips that are really important if you are to prevent viruses, spyware and malware infiltrating your system. Should you see a subject you might have missed, just click on the link and go to the relevant page.

DO set up a Security Manager to watch your back and stop invasion by unwelcome pests at the front door. Click on IT01.

DON'T go to a website that might be dodgy. See how to check their authenticity by clicking on IT03.

DON'T stay connected if your screen locks up when you are on the Net. For what to do, click on IT04.

DON'T leave copies of emails or address books sitting anywhere on the Internet or in the Clouds. Just follow a simple remedy by clicking on IT05.

DO save time and wasting Internet allocations when uploading/downloading data. Click on IT06 and IT07.

DO activate and register all new programs to avoid hassles when you come to use them. Click on IT08.

DON'T keep your Passwords on-line, NOT ANYWHERE! Click on IT09.

DO check email addresses before opening or responding to them; especially DON'T click on any contained links until you have authenticated the sender. See how by clicking IT10.

DON'T give out your personal or financial details to anyone without checking them out first. Click on IT11.

DO be careful when shopping on-line. Here are a few tips to avoid getting stiffed. Click on IT12.

DON'T risk picking up or passing on viruses and malware via USB sticks and data disks. Click on IT13.

DON'T dismiss this checklist as irrelevant because taking notice of it will save you a lot of trouble.

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