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Good Food on a Budget

You can still eat well without paying a fortune

Not everyone has the money to eat out in restaurants, or even lavishly at home. This addition to our ASOH Recipes is a guide to creating wholesome, tasty meals for those having to survive on a budget; or anyone else, come to that. The ingredients used are the basics that should be readily available, prepared and cooked in ways that turn even the cheapest cuts of meat into dishes that will satisfy the entire family. Some spices are included; but these are optional and can be omitted or substituted to suit individual tastes. Although buying a range of spices in one hit can over-stretch the budget, adding them one or two at a time when they come up in new recipes spreads the cost; and they do make a difference to the taste.

We have avoided processed foods, preferring to recommend fresh vegetables and fruit where possible; although some meals do require frozen vegies and the odd can of tomatoes or soup. We wouldn't expect you to eat anything that we haven't tried ourselves; so we know what we are offering actually works. However, there are just two of us, and quite often one cooking session will produce enough for more diners. In these cases, we simply freeze the extra for a later date.

In the coming months there will be new recipes for you to try, along with some tips on how to keep fresh food for longer and prevent waste. There are examples on this and other ways to cut costs already on the website. To take a look at the articles, click here: Waste Not, Want Not Part 1; and Part 2.

Here is also a short list of just a few ASOH recipes that should fit your budget. Click on any or all to go straight there:

Cottage Pie
Scotch Eggs
Vegetable Soup
Encore Pie
Hi-Fi Ming
Fried Spud Patties
Bean Bake

There are more, but you probably want to quit with the reading to get on with some cooking. Your chance is coming up now. All recipes are on the standard webpage and also in PDF format for you to download and print - for FREE, of course.

Here's the link to the new budget recipes list

Please enjoy.

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also available on our website are the following:

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